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March 20, 2013Bushra Tajuddin

Assalamualaikum lovelies~!! 

Photobook is getting popular nowadays. Isn't it? It's a new way to cherish your everlasting moments. It can be a gorgeous wedding photo album, a newborn baby memory photo, a fun-family photo book, a secret recipe book or a personalized children's learning book. It can also be a perfect gift for any special occasions.  

We started to know about photo-book back in 2009. We were planning on our big day and we had a budget constraint. We try to save here and there but we still want a memorable wedding day. When we stumbled upon about photo-book, we think of hiring a wedding  photographer just to shoot and burn and DIY-ing our wedding photo-book album to save budget.. and we really did it! Hehee.. 

Here are some of the pictures of our photo-book that cherish our most memorable day..

The cover

The inside : During the Ijab & Qabul ceremony

The inside: A happy bride & groom. Hee..

We're really a satisfied customers. So we preserved our 1st Wedding Anniversary Road Trip into a photo-book album again! 

The cover

The inside of the photo-book.

The last page.. Love!

We really fell in love with our photo-book over and over again! Haha! 

Our photo-book!

Side view of our photo-book

Some of  our friends did request us to design their photo-book album  after they saw our's. We're honoured by their trust ! 

We are now announcing that we're ready to accept orders for the photo-book album!

** This entry was specially written for someone who have requested about this photo-book since she can't meet me personally to take a look at our photo-book. I hope this entry will give you some idea what our photo-book looks like.

Lurve u~!! ♥ 

Interested? Shoot your email to for further details (size, price and paper quality). We will reply to your email as soon as possible. TQ!

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