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DIY Project - Decorating the entrance of our sweet home.

March 12, 2012Bushra Tajuddin

As-Salam. ello lovelies~!! 

It's 12 March and this is my first entry for this month..??
Helloooo.. are you going to keep this blog silent?
Opsss.. Hehe. Sorry sweeties~!!

Hmm.. I always love to think of decorating the entrance of our sweet home. 
This is where we welcome our guests with love and joy. Am I right?

So last year, I've decided to decorate the right corner of our entrance door.
Wanna see the outcome?

Sakura sticker wall decor. Bought it at RM3. Satisfied!

A bonsai beaded flower from mama.  it!

This is how it turned out. 
A very simple decoration to welcome our guests.

I think both of them looks perfect, no?

Till next time peeps~!!

Lurve u~!! ♥ 

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8 lovely message(s)

  1. Perfecttttooo!

    lame tak jenguk sini hoiii :)

  2. aikk ni deco rumah baru ke? xkan rumah lama kot.. dah org 2 da nak pindah. huhu

  3. Kidz:
    Hehhh.. tu laaa.. lama menyepi. bz layan batrisya la tu.. ;)

    rumah lama la ni reyha. rumah baru lom pindah pon lagi. cane nak wat. ala, ni projek mase nak raya thn lepas la reyha. tapi ni baru skrg nak tepek kat blog. teruk kan? HAHA!

  4. nak datang la umah, boleh? hehe

  5. nora:
    bole.. jemput la dtg. tapi skang umah bersepah sket laa sbb tgh packing utk pindah umah lak. xpun tunggu dah pindah nnt. dialu-alukan utk dtg. hehe! :)

  6. bru masuk umh ke? ila tgh menunggu umh siap

  7. Hai!!!

    Nak tanya, sticker rm3 tu beli kat mana? so cantikkkk!~ :D

  8. Ila:
    Selamat berdeko utk rumah baru nnt!

    Stiker RM3 tu beli kat ofis lama dulu. If let say I ade jumpa kat mana2 nnt I inform keh? ;)


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