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Tutorial - DIY Felt Hand Bouquet

February 19, 2012Bushra Tajuddin

As-Salam. ello lovelies~!! 

I know I have owe you this tutorial for... MONTHS!
I am so sorry for the delays sweeties. Sobs sobs..

OKAY. I don't wanna waste your time.
Let's continue with the tutorials.

This bouquet is a combination of roses, daisies and a few leaves.
So, I have prepared a simple tutorial for you to follow.
A step-by-step pictorial tutorials!

Let's start the tutorials with the felt roses.
What do you think peeps?
It's pretty easy huh..??
Roses done. YIPPIE~!!

Ok, next is felt daisies.
A daisy consist of three layers of felt.
Thus, I have split the steps of three layers.
Please follow the steps below.

Step 1: The first layer

Step 2: Second layer

Step 3: The final layer
See..?? It's not that difficult.
I believe most of you can do it.
We have done with the daisies.

And now..
 we will add in some felt leaves to make the bouquet looks a bit real!
Easy-peasy. Hehh.

Now, use your creativity to arrange your felt flowers.
This is my version. Do share your version with me later.

Oh ya.. something to share.
This is my own version without any tutorial as reference.
So, I've done trial and error for several times.
It's kinda frustrating at the beginning.
Lucky me to have a supportive husben to help me 
think of many ways to make it looks just perfect.
THANK YOU husben! 

My deepest apology if you find this tutorials complicated.
I've tried my best to make it the simplest.
After all.. I'm not the craft guru. Hehee..

By the way,
You may try it out and trust me, you will find it super-fun!
Enjoy and have a fun DIY~!!

Lurve u~!! ♥

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13 lovely message(s)

  1. oshinz:
    byk tmpt jugak ade jual felt.
    sebeleum2 ni byk beli online.
    pastu now beli kat DAISO.

    Nini Mohd:
    TQ! Awak pun bole cuba.
    Senang je.. :)

  2. Cantiknya ...ada bakatlah Nyomel ni...

  3. The Black Jubah:

    Kak long,
    skarang semua felt dah simpan dlm kotak. xleh dh nak buat felt flowers ke apa. tunggu semua dah setel baru bole start buat balik. actually tangan dah gatal dah ni nak try buat macam2. heheee.. seronok.

  4. salam'alayk...

    you sure have a lovely husband.. :)
    and your DIY is just amazing.. keep on amazing us.. ;) hee

  5. Wslm eezance.

    Yes, he is. I couldn't make it without him supporting me. ;)

    Thanks for the compliment. You surely can do it too.. :)

  6. to owesom!!!! its really helping me... tQ so much!!!

  7. Salam...
    cantik n great tuto..nak try gak 1 day nti.
    nak tanya felt yg d gunakan ni jenis yg mane ek?
    polyster ker wool?

    tq 4 sharing...

  8. Hi
    Boleh mintak measurement utk each layer x?
    Panjang dan lebar

  9. Makasi kk infonya, boleh nie dicoba..😊

  10. thanks for this usefull article, waiting for this article like this again. posy


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