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DIY - Fabric Backed Open Kitchen Cabinets

February 29, 2012Bushra Tajuddin

As-Salam. ello lovelies~!! 

I stumbled upon this awesome idea yesterday.
[ Image courtesy of Pretty Handy ]

Hohh.. It's a kitchen cabinet with a fabric design!
Don't you think it's an awesome idea..??

Ohh.. how I wish I have my very own kitchen cabinet!
I will definitely ask enche nYomoT to do this!! HAHA.

Ok! Let's grab the tutorial here, sweeties.. 

Happy DIY-ing peeps~!!

Lurve u~!! 

Eh, today is 29th February 2012. Happy Leap Day~!! Let's enjoy our 'extra' day..
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2 lovely message(s)

  1. Nanti Mama Adam bole apply kat rumah yer.. pastu jgn lupa tepek kat blog tau! ;)


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