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Our AWESOME 2012 Calendar!!

January 30, 2012Bushra Tajuddin

As-Salam. ello lovelies~!! 

January nearly hit the end soon.
How fast time flies!

As promised,
I'm gonna show you our version of 2012 Personalized Calendar.
Oh, I ♥ every single page of our calendar..!!
Should I..??

The cover page.

The first month of the year. JANUARY.

Our lovey dovey month. FEBRUARY.


Hmm.. cupcakes or cake in DECEMBER

At the back page of the month

Another page at the back. Please ignore the chubby me.

The whole year calendar of 2012 and 2013.

OK. Enough with some of the pages.
Aren't our calendar AWESOME..??

This calendar consist of 26 pages (including cover & back pages).
To those who have ordered, wait for yours to be delivered to your doorstep!

Till next time peeps!

Lurve u~!! ♥

Kindly shoot your email to for any inquiries. TQ lovelies!  *Hugs&Kisses*

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12 lovely message(s)

  1. cantik..mesti nak tengok every minutes kan..huhuhu

  2. nak jugak...cemana nak buat..?

  3. erin moshimoshi:
    TQ! kalo gambar erin pun mesti cantik jugak.. :)

    yerpp.. u're absolutely rite! tihihi..

    give me ur email. if ade yg cancel order i'll let u know ye? ;)

  4. so sweet..nk buat jgk..smpt lg tak? da msk feb ni hehehe :)

  5. fiza arshad:
    email me at

    hehe! alaa.. nora pun comel jugak! :)

  6. suke...heheh..buat tuk miza gak leh?? heheheh...

    thanx sis...beri pendapat ttg sewa or beli baju wedding..=)

  7. Yasmin Aris ♥:
    TQ! u pun comel pe.. :)

    mrs irmidrza to be:
    bole.. nnt kasik email address yek?
    u r most welcome.. :)

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