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November 15, 2011Bushra Tajuddin

As-Salam. ello lovelies~!! 

I wanted to blog about her ever since I saw her beautiful DIY wedding.
Yes, she's DIY-ing every single item for her wedding.

I'm very impressed with the outcome.
You're really inspiring.. Intan Norazam.

 her veil and her handbouquet to the max!
She's DIY-ing them by herself. AWESOME rite?

The handbouquet is made from fabric.
She shared the tutorial to DIY the handbouquet here.
So sweet of you!

You may find the review on her DIY veil too. 
Click here for more details.

The pretty bride with her DIY veil and felt handbouquet.
Spot the fabric ring she wore? Sweet!

Oh, I really  her dress! Tailored by her uncle. 
Lucky you to have such a creative uncle, Intan!

Felt wedding cake? It's very RARE!
Sgt sayang nak makan kann..??

Read the review on her sweet wedding cake here.

Goshh.. she even DIY-ing the dais!
A very simple dais but still.. it's damn AWESOME!

She reviewed about her DIY dais here.

The main table and the decorations.
I'm speechless. It's too beautiful & perfect!


For more details on her beautiful wedding,
do visit her blog.

She has put her full effort to make her dream wedding comes true.
and YES, you really have your dream wedding, Intan.

You are a DIY Queen.

Congrats on your wedding!

I am wishing you

a house full of sunshine
heart full of cheers
love that grows deeper each day of the year


Happy Married Life till eternity.

Lurve u~!! ♥

All pictures taken from Intan's blog.

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12 lovely message(s)

  1. yezza.. she is a diy queen...
    im so inspired by everything she did for her wedding..
    Well done Intan!!! ^_^

  2. best kan dapat buat DIY wedding camni.
    duk berangan nak DIY some of stuff for my wedding. tapi tak tau la jadi ke tak. hahaa~

  3. mmg sgt meng-inspirasi-kan!!!!
    byk idea yg dia kongsi..sbb tuh wedding dia sgt2 best..

  4. yes.. wedding die sgt cntek.. suke sgt.. da jadikan die idola.. simple but perfect..

  5. you, kenapa sweet sgt ni!!!

    ala terharunya..i love u so much dear, i hope dapat meng'inspirasikan' orang lain juga~

  6. wow! im speechless! intan shud become wedding planner. kreatif sangattt

  7. Zizie Eazie:
    DIY Queen suits her very well.. ;)

    Nini Mohd:
    All the best to you. Dah ade inspiration ni.. :D

    cik enul:
    She's my idol jugak. I believe she inspired ramai lagi org kat luar tu.. :D

  8. Cik Tqah:
    very simple. tapi perfect kan?

    erin moshimoshi:
    i pon suke! suke sgt2.. :D

    i mmg dah lama nak blog pasal u dear.
    terlalu suke dgn your diy. akhirnye, dpt jugak i post pasal ni. hehe! u inspired me. i ♥ u more! ;)

  9. veesakura:
    yes, die mmg berbakat to be a wedding planner. she has many creative ideas. agree?

  10. Syg semua, Jom join my first ever giveaway..sgt menarik dn berguna untuk semua B2B...

    dan jgn lupa copy button dpt secret give jgk if join =D

  11. nora pun suka intan !! sangat suka !!


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