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DIY - The Hydrangea Cake

May 24, 2011Bushra Tajuddin

As-Salam. ello lovelies~!! 

I dunno how to bake a cake. 
So please don't ask me how to bake it.

I'm just sharing something that I personally think it was interesting.

Hydrangea were so lovely. 
I fell in love each time I saw them.
To the hydrangea lovers, this is for you... 

[ Image courtesy of Project wedding ]

It's hydrangea cake sweeties!

Oh ermm.. if you are interested, 
please feel free to click here for the tutorial.

Have a fun DIY~!! 

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Thanks a bunch peeps!!

Lurve u~!! 

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9 lovely message(s)

  1. bagusla nyomel nie..suma yg kiut2 je upload.hehe:)

  2. cantek! sweet! sangat suke hydrangea! :) dah LIKE!

  3. dba:
    yg kiut2 kene la share.. hehe!

    ok.. boleh tempah kek camni pasni ekk..

    tuh laa.. first time nampak i dah suke gile okehh~!! :D

  4. wahh, igt bunga hiasan. rupanya bole dimakan ek. hihi

    salam kenal dr B2B. yaty link kan kamu ye :)

  5. sayangnye nk makan kek cantek mcm nie hehehe

  6. i'm lovvin it!!

    btw i linked n follow u dear.. :)

  7. where can i find cake stand just like this?

  8. hi emezz..

    i dunno where to find the same cake stand just like this. but i think menang glassware got something similar. a clear cake stand. try to find it here:

    search katalog 2011 page 97 - 108.
    (look for the 2nd last image - round server)

    i hope this info helps.
    happy hunting!


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