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WOWW.. The Photolicious...??

March 30, 2011Bushra Tajuddin

As-Salam. ello lovelies~!!
One day when I was surfing thru facebook, I saw a status on The Photolicious Wall stated 
"We need more people to email us on why you should get free whiteroom shooting from thephotolicious :)... email us with subject : FREE WHITEROOM at Its going to be a whole whiteroom day here in our gallery, so send your email now!!"
I was sooo excited and email them immediately hoping that the FREE WHITEROOM shooting were still available and I'll be the lucky person to get them.
After a week, I got an email from them. YES, I got a FREE WHITE ROOM PHOTO SHOOTING with The Photolicious, lovelies! Wowweee~!! I'm so excited! 
[ Image courtesy of The Photolicious ]

Among all the photos, I love this one the most~!!
They are very creative!! We really had a GREAT time during the photo session.

Thanks a lot to The Photolicious team for the super AWESOME session and photos.
We really appreciate it.

Lurve u~!!

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10 lovely message(s)

  1. hehe! beshh sgt Mizz Sue!! dorang mmg profesional. seronok! :D

  2. waaaaahhh.. u one of them? amy pun ingat nak email tp seriously tak dek idea nak type apa. lol... tak sabar nak tengok nie. ahakks..

  3. mizzAmy:
    yes amy. we are one of the lucky one! so glad to have the chance to meet and had the photo shooting with them. They're rocks~!! :D

  4. don't forget to post the pics....

  5. InsyaAllah.. I'll post a few more later.. saje konon2 nak wat teaser..hehe!

  6. huhu..x de rezeki nk join photoshoot tu..even dpt slot..sbb ade keje laen..huhu..=(

  7. nyomel mmg saja je kan bg teaser!!hehe

    cikkin:ye k??ruginyer!!!

    [haha..mcm aku plak admin:P]

  8. cikkin:
    xpela cikkin.. xde rezeki kann.. insyaAllah ade rezeki lain..

    hehe! saje gataii nak wat teaser. tgk org len wat teaser cam beshh jekk.. kekeke.. :P


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