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My first macarons!

March 16, 2011Bushra Tajuddin

As-Salam. ello lovelies~!!

One fine day, when I was rushingly went back home from work..
enche nYomoT suddenly surprised me with these macarons! I was sooo excited!
TQ Mr. Husben! You really made my day.

It was my first macarons! Macarons have a few flavors but I like strawberry and peanut butter flavor most! It was a bit crunchy but inside was soft. I ate one or two pieces only then it was enough for me because it was too sweet.

enche nYomoT bought these macarons at Whisk, Empire Mall Subang. Price? 1 for rm2 and 10 for rm18.

Ok..till then peeps!

Lurve u~!!
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10 lovely message(s)

  1. mmg sgt manis..first rase mase kt concorde..xboleh mkn byk2

  2. yup..manis..first rase beli through milkadeal dari piqa bakery :)

  3. serius babe, byk kali i pegi whisk empire subang asek abes je macaron die..huhu..manis sgt eh?

  4. wahh mana2 pic macaroon tuh! heheh

  5. Mizz Sue & CaDLyNN:
    sgt manis kann..?? mmg takleh nak mkn byk2..huhu..

    nizabeba: yerpp.. kat situ slalu abes. tapi bole order awal2 dr dorang. then dtg amek nnt..

    alamak! terlupe nak masukkan pic! haha.. baek sy update pic skrg!

  6. Ok.. sudah masukkan gambar!

    *maaf yer kawan2.. :D

  7. Nana: Alaaa.. dah abes laaaa.. hehe!

    macaron ni mknn yg stok2 mcm donut laa.. sbb die manis. sgt manis! kat luar die a bit crunchy, tapi kat dlm sgt soft. sedap!! tapi xleh mkn byk2 sbb terlalu manis.. :D

  8. waaaah...bole pos kan syafa sket tak? comelnyaaa


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