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The melting cake.. *sobsob*

March 01, 2011Bushra Tajuddin

Ok, I'm in the conference and it was sooo boring...

Just wanna share the pic of our cake on 26.02.2011.

It's melting peeps! I was sooo sad. I hate baskin robbins! Full stop.

I just lurve u~!!

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5 lovely message(s)

  1. bush!! nak le skit!! cair2 pn looks yummyeahhh...

  2. Nana: fridge tak ckp sejuk..sbb die ice cream kan..then mini fridge kt hotel xckp sejuk so it melts.sedeyy tauu..

    Affe: babe,xselera nk mkn sbb dh cair.lastny x abes punn..masuk trash bin.lg la sedeyy..xley nk simpan coz lame2 die cair trs..sobsob..

  3. waaa sygnye melting..psni kne pastikn condition fridge kt tpt tue ok ke x b4 grab buskin robbin.hehe

  4. yumie: yupp!! you are soo true. ingat yer kawan2..!! ;)


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