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DIY - Shabby Chic Fabric Mirror

March 17, 2011Bushra Tajuddin

As-Salam. ello lovelies~!!

I love this makeover! 
A normal mirror transformed into a shabby chic fabric mirror.


[ Image courtesy of SimpleLiving ] 

Peeps, let's have a look on her tutorial.
Have a fun DIY~!!

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Thanks a bunch peeps!!

Lurve u~!!

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6 lovely message(s)

  1. cantek kan..?? i jatuh cinta tgk!
    terus tanam azam nak buat kat umah.. hehe!

  2. Thank you for putting my shabby chic fabric mirror on your blog !
    Sherrie here from simpleliving
    here is my blog address you may find a few more posts that you may find suitable for your blog ! here is my latest post a great idea for easter for little girls or even bigger girls
    love you and every one else to drop by and take a look ...Sherrie :)

  3. Hi Sherrie!
    Thanks for stopping by. No worries, I'll definitely drop by and take a look. Cheers!

    Maera, kann.. kann..?? kreatif sungguh! suke!! :D

  4. i love Shabby Chic fabric they are simply gorgeous, thank you for hosting this wonderful giveaway.


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