A mug as a gift..??

February 07, 2011Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello lovelies~!! 

I fell in love for the first time when I was dropping by her blog.
Emila Yusof. She is a Freelance Illustrator and a Graphic Designer.
Also the owner of Littleshop.

Hmm.. why I write about her?
Because I really adore her artwork!
Guess what? I just bought her new design mug!

[ Image courtesy of EmilaYusof ]

Don't you think they're adorable?
They're perfect as a gift to someone you loved.
Or maybe as your wedding favors..?? 

Hurry up! Grab yours too..
For further info, do visit her blog here or her shop here.

Happy Shopping!

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Thanks a bunch peeps!!

Lurve u~!!

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8 lovely message(s)

  1. kan kina kann..??
    i jatuh cinta first time tgk..
    siap beli lak tuhh.. haha!

    jomm tgk blog Kak Emi.. ;)

  2. kalo nak wat wedding favor, macam mahal la pulak.

  3. bole dpt diskaun kalo beli in bulk.
    dpt price lain laa.. tak same mcm beli satu2.. ape2 contact kak emi ekk..?? she's a nice person. dun worry!! :)

  4. Bush, aku menunggu this mug for my next befday gift from u! howyeahhh..

  5. haha! birthday ko lambat lagiii.. lalalala~!!

  6. hahaha..takpe, lagi lama tunggu harus lah lagi bernilai adiahnya..tak gitu?? :P

  7. huhhh..?? ok.. xpe, masukkan mug ini dlm list ko.. tapi jgn lupe adiah aku!! ;)


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