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Wedding Highlights by CST Production

January 12, 2011Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello lovelies~!! 

My lovely friend, Fiza would love to hear some comments on her wedding video by CST Production.
Let's have a look on her wedding video.

My comments:

WOW! It was awesome!

Fiza, dearie,
I love this one much much better!
The details are captured. 
Just the way you wanted it to be.. *wink!

I love the catchy song too..
and my face is like here and there, OK!
*malu i*
Hahha! I ♥ U Pija!

Lovelies, what say you..?? 
* Your comments are highly appreciated *

Lurve u~!! 

♥ LurvyNote:
I'm recovering and getting better. 
Thanks for all the doa and concerns, peeps.

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8 lovely message(s)

  1. wow mmg awesome la nyomel..

  2. heheee.. kann.. kann..??

    so fiza, i'm not the only one who said that. *wink!

  3. wow..bestnya dari awal-akhir video senyum ja tengok video ni..aura HAPPY tu boleh sampai kat saya..apa pun fiza just like bushra saya ingin mengucapkan selamat pengantin baru!!

  4. lovelyadibah : her wedding = indah.

    aima : hiksss.. terima kasih! *perasan pengantin baru* Weeee! ;)

  5. kak nyomell..wahh!! sgt cantek..=)
    baju die cantik..ey..tu khemah marquee tu ke? salah ek..=)
    sulamat pengntin baru..!!

  6. Nice!! Always love CST production nye videos..

  7. I thot ur comment will be posted on fbchat only... hihihi... im honored... our wed vid is featured in ur lovely blog... thank you bush and frens for all inspiring comments... actually the reception part was errrmmmmmmm... from the deco, cake until the MOH's dress... u name it... enuff to make us sakit jantung... haha... apart from that, the event went smoothly alhamdulillah... thx bush for being there... esp during our solemnization day... touches my heart the most!!! As for the vid, yeah the edited version is wayyy better than the previous one... not perfect but the details are captured... (ye ke?) boley laaaaa... :D. Nantikan gambar2 u from official photog ya? I dont have much time now but promise to come out with an album featuring ur face, frens faces... hihi... thx bush for being such a good buddy... ur my BFF! Love u too darling!


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