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DIY Project - Bridal Hand Bouquet

January 17, 2011Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello lovelies~!! 

Happy Monday!! How's your weekend peeps? 
Me..?? Excellent!
Time spent over the weekend was priceless.. 
Had a very enjoyable time with family members.

OK. Now it's time to share my DIY project for my best friend, Izza Idayue. 
A bridal hand bouquet for her!

It just a simple hand bouquet.

and I used artificial flowers from Romantika.

Is it OK? Or anything to add on?
Your comments are highly appreciated. TQ!

Next project will be pomander balls from a crepe paper.

Woww.. I'm excited!


Lurve u~!! 

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7 lovely message(s)

  1. hehe.. tq kina! harap2 my friend tu suke.. :)

  2. tgk dr keje tgn sndri u yg ni mmg leh buat bisnes...xnk ke?

  3. huhh..?? bole buat bisnes ke..?? malu laa.. saye amatur je.. :)

  4. ofkos la~ tgk byk sgt entry psl hasil tgn kreatif nih...waaa...silela jd wedding planner :)

  5. creative sungguh la u ni...keep it up...cantik:)

  6. kamarukom : xpernah ter pk nak jadik wedding planner. stakat wat bende2 simple camni bole laa.. :)

    Faz : cantek ehh..?? tapi kalo tgk org len punye lg cantek kann..?? xpe, blaja sket2.. thanks for the compliment dear.. :)


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