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DIY Project - Beaded Hibiscus

January 24, 2011Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello lovelies~!! 

It was mama's new project! She got an order from her friend and I'm kidnapping one for myself. 
I put it on my coat as a sign of supporting the 50 years - the status of hibiscus as our national flower campaign. Hehe..

Cute aite...??
It also can be tulips for friendship,
or roses for love
orchids and many more..

Kindly drop your email to me.


Lurve u~!! 

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2 lovely message(s)

  1. salam...
    nak minta tolong boleh?
    please help me to LIKE this picture..
    1) search kat fb page eightDesigns Boutique
    2) like page tu
    3) pegi kat MY BFF CONTEST
    4) like kat picture no 38
    ...atau link dia yang ini =

    thank you very much!

  2. wsalam.

    OK. Done! All the best to you..



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