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Yummylicious SUBWAY..

December 28, 2010Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello lovelies~!! ♥

We are the SUBWAY fans. Yerpp.. big fans of SUBWAY! And we're very excited to get the  SUBWAY's BUY 1 FREE 1 vouchers from The Sun newspapers. Yeayy! Peeps,  please check The Sun newspapers! They often put their vouchers in The Sun.

Thank you SUBWAY! Thank you The Sun! 
We bought the SUBWAY Club and get the SUBWAY Melt for FREE
LOVE.IT! Oh, we enjoyed every bites of it. Lalalala... 

Lurve u~!!

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8 lovely message(s)

  1. wahh bestnyer..kita pun suka...
    last week lecturer kita bwk voucher subway,tu pun sbb nak bg contoh utk topic,hehehe

  2. hehe.. byk ke voucher subway yg your lecturer bawak? sue dpt x? hehe! carik je The Sun setiap jumaat. dorang slalu bg voucher ni dlm The Sun ari jumaat. ari lain xsure pulak.. sbb mmg slalu amek The Sun ari jumaat. hehe!

  3. bestnyer!!dba pun suka sangat subway!:) iye k??pas nie nk beli sun la!:)

  4. hehe! dba, the part is.. The Sun is free! Yeahh.. you can get the copy of yours from various place such as 7-E, LRT station, shopping complex and etc.. Go & get yours! ;)

  5. subway mmg best..sort of diet yang memang bagus kan..btw, im ur 52 fan at fb..hehe.like nyomel!!!

  6. Agreed kina! SUBWAY sandwich mmg sort of healthy diet. suke!

    BTW, thank you so much kina. appreciate it. TQ! ;)

  7. huh???iye k??laaa~..malu i...huuu~...thank you2..:P

  8. dba, tak perlu malu dear.. info shud be shared kann..?? sumtimes, ape yg kite taktau, org lain tau.. ape yg kite tau, org lain lak taktau.. so, we shared the info supaya sume org pun tau..

    *bak kate pepatah:
    malu bertanya, sesat jalan..



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