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Malacca Trip - A birthday treat for husband (Part II).

December 25, 2010Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello lovelies~!! ♥

Continuous story from this entry, we checked out from Naza Talyya Hotel on that night without knowing where to go.. A bit nervous because we don't really know Malacca very well. Luckily enche nYomoT came along. Otherwise, I'll be stucked in that damn sux hotel! It's not about their facilities that I'm complaining about. It's their services. We're not happy with their services. Their staffs are a bit rude. A very bad service they gave, I could say.. That is why we decided to checked out on that night itself.

OK. Stop talking about them. Let's move on to our journey. After checked out, we both looking for an available room for us. We don't really mind about the Wi-Fi now. So, we went and drop by to each hotels that we found along the way. But most of the hotels were FULL HOUSE. Never mind, there must be a place for us. Until we found.. Shah's Beach Resort. They have 2 rooms available on that night. Lucky us! A very simple and a bit old chalet. Surprisingly, they provide Wi-Fi in all rooms! What a surprise~!! :)

We HAPPILY checked in the room. Yeayy~!! At last we found a place for us. *grateful*
We stayed for 4 days and 4 nights in this peaceful place. I LOVE the scenery here!

Sorry, I don't have the pics inside the room. *forgot to snap*

Basically, the resort is situated next to Everly Hotel.
In terms of food, you don't have to worry. 
There are a few stalls around. 

For lunch, there is one popular 'ikan bakar' stall situated just next to Everly Hotel. So yummy!
And for dinner, we just bought food from a Tomyam Restaurant in front of the resort or 
else, we opted for burger special and banjo from the stall next to the restaurant. 
HAHA. Just a simple dinner.

At first, we have difficulties on finding place for our stay.
But then, ALHAMDULILLAH.. everything went so well.
 We believed that ALLAH knows the BEST!

I really love this place eventho their room might have some leaking when it's raining too heavily. 
It's not a big issue. We just love staying here because of their hospitality.
Their services are good and their staffs are friendly and polite.

Two thumbs up for them!

We will definitely come again.

Lurve u~!!

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2 lovely message(s)

  1. wah...best2..Allah did the best 4 u guys!!! Alhamdulillah..

  2. tuh la faz.. Alhamdulillah..
    sgt bersyukur.. lastnye, business trip jadik sgt best sbb ade hubby di sisi.. hehe! ;)


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