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Malacca Trip - A birthday treat for husband (Part I).

December 17, 2010Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello lovelies~!! ♥

Alhamdulillah.. We're back! A bit tired but we enjoyed the trip. It's a business trip actually. I have works to do but I manage to coax enche nYomoT to come along and make this as his birthday treat. Haha! I knew I'm cheating but who cares? He don't mind. :P

The journey started on Monday around 11:30AM. Arrived Malacca and bought some food before check in the hotel. I've booked Naza Talyya Hotel since other hotels were fully booked. It was school holidays, the wrong timing. :(

After checked in, I found out that the hotel didn't provide the Wi-Fi in their rooms. A bit frustrated because I've checked their website before the booking and they did mention that the Wi-Fi are provided in all rooms. (Please refer here)  

We complaint about our frustration to their manager. We need the Wi-Fi in our room because I will be working for 4 days and enche nYomoT will have to stay and wait for me. Without the internet, he will be bored waiting for me. Do you know what excuse they gave us? "Maaf. Wi-Fi kami sekarang ade masalah sikit. Website kami kena sambar petir." Ehem.. what a lame excuse! But then, their manager did promise us that they will try to get the Wi-Fi for our room. OK. I keep his words.

Then, we went out for a walk. (*Hati panas, so kene jalan2 sejukkan hati..) While walking along the street, we didn't realized that we have reached Banda Hilir, Malacca. Woww~!! It was a very long walk! Almost 2.5 km from the hotel. We were tired, but we enjoyed the walk. (*Konon2 romantik laa.. Tihihi) Luckily we found the way back to the hotel. Pheww~!! 

Another drama begin..
I asked for an iron from the receptionist.
Me: Excuse me, nnt bole tak tolong hantar kan iron kat bilik 403?
R1: Ooo.. mintak maaf, kita mmg x sediakan iron ke bilik. Tapi kita sediakan iron room kat Tingkat 5.
R2: Xpe kak, iron room tu dekat je.. keluar dari lift, akak jalan sikit je..
Me: Ermm.. baju I byk nak iron ni. So, I kene bawak satu bag la pegi iron room ni? (Rase mcm sarcastic. Tapi pedulik la! *marah*)
R1: Ohh.. kalo mcm tu, biar saya check dgn housekeeping. Kalo ade iron lebih kita hantar kat bilik akak yer.. 
Me : OK.

In the room..
Tok.. tok.. tok.. (Takde loceng yer)
nYomoT opened the door..
H : Ini iron & iron board ye encik.
nYomoT : OK. Terima Kasih.
H : Tapi check dulu la tapak iron tu sebelum seterika nnt. Kalo dah sudah, call kat bawah. Kita datang ambil balik.

I was like... (Hmm.. kalo korang, korang nak ke guna iron tu?)

* We still didn't get the Wi-Fi in our room.

Then enche nYomoT gave their manager a call. We decided to check out and look for other hotel. We were really disappointed with their hospitality. 

At the receptionist..
After a long discussion,
R : We are really sorry for what have happened. But we're delightful to upgrade your room to Executive Suite.
nYomoT : Can we access the internet from that room?
R : No.
nYomoT : No, thanks. We will check out tonight.

And we checked out from the hotel without knowing where to go..

* To be continued..

Lurve u~!! 

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8 lovely message(s)

  1. wowwww. their service sooooo baddddd. haaiishh. mahu nye hangin. aiyo.

    btw, sweet holidayy ehh. hhikk2.

  2. haha~..diorang nie xphm k apa??sabar jela..huuu~..hope everything goes well to u nyomel:)

  3. sabar jela nyomel,geram kan jenis tak faham tuh...
    suka awk dah balik,kita tunggu penuh sabar nih,hehehe

  4. .:padie_eyla:. : mmg bad lg sux!

    lovelyadibah : tq dear.. tunggu cerita seterusnya. hehe!

    Ciksue : mmg bersabar pun cikSue. kalo x mmg dh lame mengamuk dah. huhu.. kite email2 nnt ekk.. ;)

  5. haha Naza is just well but not sooo well actually..huhu..

  6. sabar jela nyomel..hehe..panggil u nyomel pulak~
    nway..kalo faz pon hangin...dalam web bukan main manis lagi...reality hampeh!!!

  7. perh.gila sakit hati.
    sian je!haha~

    tyah boleh bygkan muka kakak time tuh memang tempah maut la kan =P

  8. yUmIe : you're very true! Naza? A big NO!

    Faz : haha! nyomel pon boleyy.. ;) tau xpe faz.. mmg dh hangin satu badan. INDAH KHABAR DARI RUPA..

    tyah : huhh.. mmg kakak sakit hati gile. rase cam nak lempang je..seb baik maseh boley bersabar..


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