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Happy Birthday to you, husband.

December 13, 2010Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello lovelies~!! ♥

Today is nYomoT's birthday. We just did a simple celebration with a slice of cake on 12 o'clock. A simple but memorable celebration I could say. I didn't snap any pics of the cake. Sorry! 

I am too happy because I did a surprise to him. Guess what..?? I did these... Tadaaa...

These are my surprise for him. I did the 'LOVE NOTE' and 'TEN THINGS I love about you' card. It was really hard to hide from him since we're now staying together, right..?? But I DID IT! Hoyeahhh~!! An achievement for me. *wink!

I will share the DIY with you later. I'm off to Malacca for a business trip. For a week, maybe. So, I might not be able to update the blog and replying emails for the time being. Stay tuned~!!

Lurve u~!!

♥ LurvyNote:
I don't have anything on your birthday, husband. But I really appreciate it that you could spend your time to accompany me to Malacca. Can this be a birthday present? Haha! *cheating*

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6 lovely message(s)

  1. selamat hari lahir utk nyomot :) my fiancee also celebrating his birthday dis wednesday ... :)

  2. sweetnya! happy birthday to your husband.

    jom vote tikah. no 127. hehe...

  3. happy birthday untuk nyomot..
    so romantic la nyomel..hehe..
    sweet sgt..doakan korang bahagia k

  4. elle: tq. happy birthday to your fiance too.. :)

    aima : tq dear! :)

    areteacar : tq! will terjah ur blog soon. :)

    Ciksue : tq ciksue. *blushing*

    kembatolo: hikhik.. *blushing lagi*


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