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DIY Project - Twenty Eleven Calendar

December 30, 2010Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello lovelies~!! ♥

A couple of days before we open a new book!  
TWENTY ELEVEN, can't wait to start our next journey! 

I had a good news! Good news for me, actually. HAHA! 
Remember my entry on DIY Calendar Project
(Please refer here and here)

The GOOD NEWS is.. I've got my calendar! Yeayy!!  
Oppss.. our calendar actually. 
*Sorry enche nYomoT*

I've sent the calendar for printing and I was really satisfied with the outcome.
Compared to 2010 calendar, I love this calendar much much more!

Should I be happy with this? Of course. I'm sooo happy!
Thanks a lot to UPrint for printing our lovely calendar.
Peeps, you can have yours too.

Lurve u~!!

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7 lovely message(s)

  1. canteknye calendar..kalo cmni punya calendar,tiap-tiap hari nak tengok.hehehe.letak atas meja opis pun sweet..^_^

  2. Husna,
    mmg ari2 rase nak tgk. rase tak sabar nak tunggu 2011 supaya dpt guna kalendar ini. haha! ;)

  3. nyomel,
    comelll laaaaaa...jeles..haha

  4. kak nyomel!!
    nak satu.. hihi

  5. Ciksue,
    wat la satu.. ;)

    thank you. erkss..?? ade satu je.. ;P

  6. hehe..
    saje je gurau..
    but if nak buat guestbook,
    ade ppublisher lain x?

    yang Uprint ni seems like buat utk exclusive banget sih!

  7. jooleata,

    utk publisher lain, so far belom jumpe lg yg recommended.

    but maybe u can try to ask UPrint. xsemestinya yg exclusive je dorang wat. depends jugak on kite punye requirement. cube email dulu laa.. or maybe bole contact terus?

    slamat mencuba!


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