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DIY Project - Love Notes

December 18, 2010Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello lovelies~!! ♥

As promised. I would love to share my DIY 'Love Note' for husband on his birthday as per my previous entry here

I'm sharing the template with you, lovelies. 
Feel free to download the template here.

From now on, this template will definitely be our official love note to each other. *hik hik..*

Lurve u~!! 

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5 lovely message(s)

  1. hehe..nyomel..suka..suka..
    kita nak try wat jugak lah,hahahaha..gediks kan

  2. heheeh saya dah ada satu tapi xdelah design khas, yang dah siap beli hehehe ni boleh jadi note utk wishing tree gak kan =)

  3. cikSue: try la wat. mmg seronok! tihihi..

    anaztasias aira : hehe! yerpp.. btul tu! bole jugak jadi template utk your wishing tree. mesti cantek gune same template. xyah la beli.. print out je byk2.. hehe! :)

  4. lawa la template nie..
    simple n sweet..
    ya laa.. klu buat wishing tree mmg cantik..

  5. TQ DinCma! Kalo suke, sile la download ekk.. kalo ade gune utk wishing tree, bole la email me the pics. nak jugak tgk hasilnye.. ;)


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