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December Giveaway - 5 LUCKY WINNERS!!

December 09, 2010Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello lovelies~!! ♥

This special thanks goes to those participating the December Giveaway. I am really happy. I didn't expect to receive so many participation. But I'm a bit upset because I can't give the giveaway to all participants. Wait for the next giveaway yah! Thank you very much for all the support.

And now, I will announce the 5 LUCKY WINNERS for December Giveaway...

Congratulations! I will be contacting you soon.

To be fair with the other participants, I will show you how I select the winners.
This is kind of lucky draw. I use to choose the winners.

To the winners, CONGRATULATIONS!

They will get a free design of Paper Bag Favor Labels each.

If any of you interested with these labels, kindly fill in this form.

Till next time peeps!

Lurve u~!! 

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11 lovely message(s)

  1. nYomel!
    i still kelip2 mata.adakah betul itu i?say YESSSSSSSSS!! nYomel.hahaha.mmg rezeki i tau.alhamdulillah.tq so much nYomel..i like it very much!nnti i contact u ok..(smpi skang mcm terkejut!) muahaha.ober.ober.

  2. congrates the winner ...... nyomel, trus kan lagi tau giveaway nie .. :) w/p rezeki x berpihak pde ella .. hihihi .....

  3. hai nyomel..

    wahh..mcm x percaya nie..
    byk kali buka entry nie utk pastikan btul ke x..
    try buka email plak..taraaa..
    Congratulations on your win girls!
    yahh..btul2..itu sy..he3..
    thank nyomel;-)

  4. CaDLyNN, ella, Lala:
    Thanks sgt2 sbb korang participate. Kalo bole mmg nak bg sume. Tapi ramai sgt la pulak. Takut tak termampu. xpe, nnt next giveaway boley try lg ek? InsyaAllah ade rezki jugak nnt. :)

    Meey@, cma:
    congrats utk korang! nnt kite contact2 ekk..?? :)

  5. wahh tak sangka sungguh..saya adalah salah sorang,huhu..thanks nyomel..

  6. hampa...
    hahaha joking!!!sbb rsenye mcm krg sesuaikn if yumie nak guna tuk tampal kt surah yassin..plzz buat another giveaway yg boleh yumie buat sticker kt surah yassin tu that time for sure nyomel kne pilih yumie as a winner la..hahaha

  7. wahhh..shekechik terlepas erk..len kali lak the way shekechik da

    ada tag untuk nyomel..

  8. ciksue: congrats!

    yUmIe: gud idea! tq! akan difikirkan..

    shekechik: shekechik follower ke-100? wahhh.. sonoknye!! tq shekechik!!

  9. alhamdulillah..tq sis nyomel..nanti kina isi form tu ye..ehehe..suke3..


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