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Blog Baru (2010) Pilihan

December 06, 2010Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello lovelies~!! ♥

I was stumbled upon this contest from BPM. Have you heard about them..?? I believed most of you knew them. They are the organizer of Blog Pilihan Malaysia 2010 which have been held recently. The top bloggers were in the list and the competition was really really HOT! 

Big congrats to the winners~!!


Blog Tutorial Pilihan - Mari bina blog

Blog Blog Personal Isteri Pilihan - Cik Nadia Bayu

Blog Personal Wanita Pilihan - Irine Nadia Marcello

Blog Personal Suami Pilihan - Ben Ashaari

Blog Personal Lelaki Pilihan - Aizul | Marcello

Congratulations! You guys deserved it~!!

The latest news, they're organizing another contest which is called Blog Baru (2010) Pilihan.

This contest is open to any new blogs. 
New blogs here means - "The first entry in your blog must be in this year (2010)".

Am I eligible?
See the tick-tock ticker below.. 
 OK. Checked! I am eligible.

My first entry was on April 20, 2010 entitled "The red roses are poppin..!!"

With this entry, I am officially announce that I am joining this contest!
Pheww~!! I'm nervous. It's my very first contest, peeps!

By the way, I don't have much expectation. I'm just trying my luck.

Lurve u~!!

Peeps, lets grab this opportunity if you're eligible. It is OK if we're not winning the contest but this is  an OPPORTUNITY. In other words, it is one of our way to make our blog 'VISIBLE'. 

Hurry up! This contest ends on Dec 8, 2010 (Wednesday, 3.00pm). All the best peeps~!!

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14 lovely message(s)

  1. wow..great contest..mcmne nak join tu..goodluck sis nyomel..;)

  2. kina, mari join!
    blog awak pun baru tahun ni kan..??

    check out this contest here:

    all the best kina!

  3. hehe..tq sis..kina da draf da..hehe..;)..kina link sis nyomel dekat entry tu nanti..

  4. wow..irine menang,cik nadia bayu menang jugak,hehe..diorang deserved to get it kan..
    blog nyomel pun best tau:)

  5. kina: all the best!

    Ciksue: tuh laa.. dorang mmg deserved it. btw, tq for the compliment. kite maseh budak baru blaja. byk lg yg xtau ni.. tq sbb sudi jenguk belog picisan ini.. hehe!

  6. selamat tengahari..sis dah follow blog ni..semoga sukses dalam blog pilihan malaysia :)

  7. good luck ye...nak ajak tuan blog tgk handmade cards la..jum =)

  8. Salam..GOODLUCK!! ;))

  9. salam ziarah.. blowalking meyh.. kita jiran.. :) 157..157..157.. GOOD LUCK!

  10. hallu,blog walking
    follow my blog
    keep support each other

  11. blog sy yg yang awk follow ri tu sy x update dh..dah link baru..banyak info mnrik tntg laki n pmpn...serta doa2 seharian..lau awk minat jdila mbe sy ye...


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