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The Winner of November Giveaway..

November 10, 2010Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello lovelies~!!

This special thanks goes to those participating the November Giveaway. Thank you very much for participating peeps! You really had the fabulous reasons why you love doilies.

And now the winner of doily monogram is... 

Congratulations Hazlynda Kushairi! You are the winner for this month.
I will be emailing you shortly and confirm your win.


Dear participant,

Your participation are really appreciated. Thank you very much!
Don't worry, we will have another giveaway next month.
Stay tuned!

Lurve u~!!

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6 lovely message(s)


    seksited mek! padahal dok gune pantun tu gak kat MoM tapi tukor skit HAHA :D

    tengs babe. i tunggu email u ek :D

  2. congrats lynda!

    sile check email ekk.. sudah di email kan.. ;)

  3. mek, dah nampak penangan pantun ko ni..dah goyang aku ni. malam ni aku mimpi nak buat sajak lah masuk contest. hahaha...congrats bebeh!

  4. nyomel u can use that link dear. kalau ia membantu, i sangatlah mengalu2kan ;)

  5. tahniah lynda haha ! rezeki2 =)


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