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Perfect Moment!

November 08, 2010Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello lovelies~!! ♥

Congratulations Fiza & Duan~!!

I'm speechless. This is too perfect!

Photographers : NazimZafri & Nizam Zailan
Location : Duchess Place, Jalan Ampang. 

Click here to see more photos. 

Lurve u~!!


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7 lovely message(s)

  1. thank you girl for sharing our pic in ur supercute blog! I dint have a blog, otherwise wud do the same during ur tawen2 last time... means, i have to start blogging la nih? huahuahua... ;)

  2. pija!! superb pics camni haros dikongsi. xleh disimpan2.. rugi! kekeke...

    hmm.. gud idea jugak tu. sile start blogging jugak supaya kami sume ade bahan bacaan baru. hikhikhik.. ;)

  3. cantiknyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! hehe pn fiza watla blog, share experiece hehe =)

  4. cantek kannn..?? tuh laaa.. sgt heart this pic!

    haa.. pn.fiza, ade request nii.. sile consider cadangan ini.. cepat bukak blog!! ;p

  5. Wonderful.. Gorgeous.. Fabulous... Amazing..I fall inlove...
    what else to say? ermmm.. PERFECT..

  6. wohooo... teringin nak ada blog sendiri jugak... all this while follow blog org lain... tp takut tak termaintain... dan takde skill menulis juge! Nnt la... fikir... or why not make it private! Bush, i u knoe la kan, i'm quite reserved... malu nak share utk public... errr, anaztasias aira wud definitely be invited (kalau i dah ada blog nnt)! Hahaha...

    Thanks all... appreciate your complements... =)

  7. R-YuzSha : mmg perfect!

    l.o.v.e.l.y.f.i.z.a :
    yes dear, u better think of it. yezza, i knoe u might make your blog private. but it's ok. it's a good start anyway. ;)


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