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DIY Project - Our Wedding Movie Poster!

November 04, 2010Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello lovelies~!! ♥ 

Yesterday, I've read lynda's entry on her bunting design. I love her bunting! Really love it! They are simple.sweet.awesome.great.superb and yada yada.. I just love the simplicity of her design. She will open for business after Jan 2011. Good news to the B2B out there! GO, and have a look peeps~!! ;)

I love the concept of movie posters as my previous entry here. I didn't get the chance to have them for my wedding. Therefore, I've designed one, just to fulfill my dream. I'll print, frame and hang it on our wall later. *smiling*

Apart as a wall decor, it's also a gentle reminder to my dear Mr.hubby, nYomoT on our anniversary each year.. hikhikhik.. *(hidden agenda)

Till next time peeps. Lurve u~!!

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4 lovely message(s)

  1. eh nyomel, baru perasan entry ni. tengs ek for the compliments *wink* terharu seh org puji hasil tangan kite *hehe*

    bunting kamu pon cantek, penggunaan image yg menjadi teka teki and i love the red and refelction :D eh, mcm komen cekgu lak! ampon. i love urs too babe. jangan kecilkan bakat yg ade, berusaha utk maju. u can do it!

  2. eh cekgu lynda! tu dia.. dh kluar dh komen cekgu kite. hehehe..

    by the way, tengs jugak for the compliments and comments. byk lg yg nak kene improve ni. malu saye.. kekeke..

    camne pun, ttp suke ur design. simple is great! ;)

  3. tengs babe. no worries. kite belajor dr pengalaman and practical kan/> buat byk design, research, for sure design u pon meletop nanti. trust me ek >.<

  4. baek. tengs for the comments/advice. insyaAllah.. kene byk berlatih..

    nnt design leh meletop cam cekgu lynda! ;)


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