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DIY - Paper Cones

November 30, 2010Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello lovelies~!! ♥

[ Image courtesy of Google Images ]

It might be simple decor. But it really sweet..!! ..and the best part is, it's easy to DIY! It can be your centerpiece or even as a home decor. Love it to the max!

I think you might know how to DIY them. Never mind, I'm sharing the link for the tutorial as well. Anyone interested to get the tutorial, you may find it here. Happy DIY peeps~!!

Lurve u~!! 

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7 lovely message(s)

  1. waaa. canteknya. bolehla jadi kan one of the item utk meja hiasan pengantin ke. good! keep updating. suke.

  2. cantek kan? hehe! btul tu..
    tq for the compliment. it's just an idea. sape nak cube wat..?? ;)

  3. chantek la..wat centerpiece utk wed pun cun~!! =)

  4. saantekkkk! :)
    drooooling @_@

  5. mmg cun abes~!! i pun drooling.. haha!

  6. assalamualaikum nyomel.

    ada award utk kamu.sila collect k.

  7. wsalam cik syahira.

    TQ for the award. I will collect it soon. :)


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