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November 22, 2010Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello lovelies~!! ♥

How's your weekend peeps..?? Nothing much I could share. It's just a horrible experience over the weekend. I don't have diary to write it on, so I write it here. Maybe it can be a guide for us in the future.

Saturday (Nov 20th, 2010)
1.00 am. Blackout! We thought it's an electricity trip at the main switch in our house. But we were wrong. The whole area was blackout. Redha je laa.. (Tido dgn nyenyak nya sbb hujan sgt lebat & sejuk ok..)

It's morning! ..but the whole area still blackout. Hmm.. must be a huge damage at the main power. Ok. Redha lagi.. But I'm blurred.. What should I do..?? Wash the clothes..?? No electricity. Ironing..?? No electricity. Internet..?? No electricity. Masak..?? Malasss.. Tihihihi.. Sudahnya, I went out to buy nasi lemak for our breakfast while nYomoT sedang tido dengan enaknya. Haishhh.. I bought the nasi lemak nearby my aunt's house. (Previously, I did stay in her house alone before I got married. Her family were staying at Sg.Petani. So she offered me to stay at her empty house. OK. Rezeki jgn ditolak. Jimat wang ringgit. kekeke..) After buying the nasi lemak, I saw (from the outside) aunt's awning at the balcony has been damaged. Must be a very heavy wind last night. I forgot to bring the key. So I can't check the inside of the house. OK. Next time. 

I went back home but still blackout. Naseb baik nYomoT dah bangun. So we had our breakfast and plan to go out since nothing much we can do at home. We went out and came back at late evening. Alhamdulillah.. dah ade elektrik balik. Yippie~!!

Sunday (Nov 21st, 2010)
We had the guests. My brother, Anas and his friend, Nazrah came to visit us. We had a little discussion on a new product that I've bought a few days ago. The product from forest'secret. Quite affordable and good! After lunch and Zohor, we plan to go to the forest'secret kiosk at Wangsa Walk. Nazrah interested to buy a few of their product. 

Before going out, nYomoT told me that he's going downstairs for a while. A few minutes later, I received a phone call from him. He told me that he got stucked in the lift with 3 others! Luckily he can get through me. Normally, there's no coverage in that lift. He asked me to get help from Anas to open the door lift. We tried to open the door lift but it's really hard. We only able to create a little hole. Better than nothing, at least they could get some oxygen. The lift area was blackout. No electricity. We can't push any button to get help. OK. Don't be panic. I went downstairs and luckily there's a phone number for lift maintenance. I called them and make the report. 

With the little hole, I could communicate with them in the lift. nYomoT asked me to call the BOMBA. Oh! Why I forgot to call the BOMBA..?? I should call them at the first place. He gave me the number. 991. I dialed and make the report. Then we waited for the help. Anas and Nazrah went downstairs to get some help.

It's been half an hour they stucked in the lift. I was really worried. They couldn't stand for too long. I tried to open the door lift again. Wasted. Nothing happened. I almost gave up. nYomoT talked to me. Don't push too hard. He's very calm. He jokes and they laugh. That is really him. A very calm man..

A few minutes later, I saw the BOMBA came. I was relieved. I told them the BOMBA has arrived. Anas and Nazrah bring the BOMBA to the lift. After 5 minutes, all of them were saved. They stucked in the lift for almost an hour! Alhamdulillah.. I am so grateful they were saved. Thank you ALLAH! 

Lurve u~!!

♥ LurvyNote:
This is my first experience having this kind of situation. The most important thing is.. don't be panic. And always remember this number. 991.

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4 lovely message(s)

  1. takut juga bila baca. okey save 911

  2. tuh laaa.. mase tu mmg rase takut sgt. yerla kann.. takut bantuan lambat smpai. so lepas ni kalo ade emergency ape2, cpt2 call 991. dorang akan smbungkan ke dept yg berkenaan. tp ni mmg pengalaman laa.. :)

  3. Selalu kalau panik, semua boleh lupa kan? Tapi syukur semuanya ok in the end. Seb baik En Nyomot tak claustrophobic

  4. yer.. btol tu rilla. selalunye kalo kite panik, kite slalu lupe ape yg patutnya kite wat. kene control, jgn cepat panik.. :)


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