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October 05, 2010Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello lovelies~!! ♥

I came across an "Islamic Entertainment Services" (Perkhidmatan Hiburan Islami) from our blogger friend blog, AN. Thank you for the good info An! It's suitable for those looking for an Islamic entertainment for your wedding or any event.

Alunan Firdausi Entertainment (AFE) is based in Kajang, Selangor. Their package is more to Islamic entertainment, there's no karaoke and such. I think it's quite interesting to have nasyid and hadith playing along the event. Kindly find the info package here

I hope this info might help some of you peeps~!! Lurve u~!! ♥

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4 lovely message(s)

  1. hiii sis im back !. tengs dah link. baru nak bgtau hehe.

    dekat pahang, alunan nasyid dj paling femes dekat pekan. parents pun berminat

  2. hi adik manis.. name pun dh tuka ekk..?? heheee.. mesti la cpt2 link. takut nnt terlupe. huhu..

    ohh.. dkt pahang mmg femes ekk..? alamak xpernah pg kenduri kat area pahang, xtau plak.. ;)

  3. nama dalam proses pertukaran. sedih tapi terpaksa. kalo bad person tu jumpa pun dia xkan dpt detect saya lg. dalam beransur-ansur melenyapkan identiti lama2 :(

    dugaan paling hebat sis. tapi dah kuat ni hehe

  4. InsyaAllah.. that bad person can't find u.. I know u r strong. Please be more stronger keh..?? we will always supporting u.. ingat tu kehh..?? ;)


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