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DIY Project - Stove Table

October 20, 2010Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello lovelies~!! ♥

How was your weekend peeps..?? We had a blast! Thank you to my dear family and  Mr.hubby,  nYomoT for the lovely weekend we had.
On Saturday evening, nYomoT and I went back to Bangi to spend our sweet time with our family. We had our dinner and chit chat with the family and then tiba2 mama tanya kami, "Tak nak ke stove mama yg lame tu?". For your information, mama dah dapat stove baru! and kami pulak, all this while cume menggunakan stove yg satu tungku tu jer. So agak lambat la sesi masak memasak dilakukan di rumah kami tu.. And we was like.. "OK jugak tu kann..??"

We took the stove. But the problem is.. "Where should we put this stove?".  We don't have any place for this stove anymore. The current cabinet table is too small for the stove. We need a table. A table that can fitted the stove nicely where we can put it beside the kitchen door and the kitchen door can be opened. Suddenly ternampak kayu-kayu katil lama kami dulu-dulu. Katil tu dah patah. Tinggal kayu-kayunye sahaja.  So the idea came. *TING! Let's DIY our stove table!

Ya, kami akan menggunakan kayu-kayu katil lama yang sudah tidak digunakan tersebut untuk men-DIY our stove table. So we took the stove and the kayu-kayu back to our home sweet home. On the next day, after we had our lunch (makan simple2 aje sbb ade tugasan), we started our diy project. It took about an hour and a half for us to complete it. (*Mintak maaf yer jiran2 di atas kebisingan yang tercetus dek kerna projek diy kami ni)

[ The making of our stove table ]

Finally, our diy stove table is ready! Yeay~!! Alhamdulillah.. it was perfectly fitted the stove and placed nicely beside the kitchen door. Most importantly, we can open the kitchen door. Pheww~!! Of course it's not as nice as what we'll get if we buy it, but it really means a lot to us. nYomoT cayanggg... TQ! and TQ for the stove mama!

It put a smile on my face!

The next project will be the diy stove table cloth! Mama did promise me to give her sewing machine next week. (Ohh.. I don't know how to sew! Can i do it?)

Till next time peeps. Lurve u~!! ♥

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4 lovely message(s)

  1. memang kreatif lah ini b2b..

  2. hi Cik NeyNa!
    hehe.. alaa.. xkreatif mane pun x-b2b ni.. dah jadi wifey kene lebih byk berjimat utk masa depan. mane2 yg bole jimat, kite cube jimat kan.. ;)

  3. hehe..da dapat terjah blog nyomel..
    ;)..comel je..nyomel + nyomot..

  4. hi kina!
    yeay! akhirnye berjaya jugak terjah blog i kan..?? btw, tq sbb sudi men-terjah blog i yg x seberapa ni..

    disebabkan i nyomel, so die kene jadi nyomot nye laa.. and die terpaksa redha dgn hakikat itu.. hehehe.. ;)


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