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DIY - Lace Paper Envelope

September 07, 2010Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello lovelies~!! 

 [ Image cortesy of there.and.moving.forward ] 

Happy Tuesday friends~!! Can u see the above images..?? Aren't they lovely..?? Ohh.. I just heart them~!! They are Lace Paper Envelopes from there.and.moving.forward. Personally, I think it was a brilliant idea by turning doilies into lace paper envelopes. Please feel free to find the diy tutorial here

To the doilies and laces fans, i guess this stuff will make u guys crazy. Hoho~!! Ohh.. I love doilies~!! (*tiba-tiba.. hehe)

Happy DIY friends~!! Lurve u~!!

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4 lovely message(s)

  1. Ya Allah, babe, my fav mmg lace siap buat lace theme for wedding tapi for invitation card mmg terfikir cara ni, i pon bace wp hellen on those lacey envelope sbb mase search lacey envelope HAHA gedik kan sy ni? tapi tak semua item for wedding lacey :(

  2. hehe.. i mmg dh agak, lacey fans mesti suke this idea. tp yelaa.. x sume bende kite leh wat kann.. it just an idea. gud luck on your preparation lynda!

  3. preps i? pengsan! malas nak pikir lagi maybe after a week or two after raye baru nak buat balek diy :(
    selamat hari raya babe *hugs*

  4. hehe~!! xpe.. time raye, kite raye btul2.. lupakan sume bende2 yg memeningkan kepala utk sementara waktu.. slamat hari raya to u too~!! *xoxo


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