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DIY - Doilies cones

September 22, 2010Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello lovelies~!! 

Sorry for the hiatus peeps. How was your Aidilfitri..?? Mine was superb! OK. Enough with  the Aidilfitri mode. Hmm.. I couldn't resist sharing this sweet idea~!!

They are cones made from the doilies.  Fill it  with treats for your guests,  or petals for your flower girls. Oh, I become obsessed with the doilies peeps~!! Let's get the tutorial here. Happy DIY~!!

Lurve u~!!

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4 lovely message(s)

  1. i suka! boleh letak candies ke, coklat ke kan. cute

  2. Yer btul tu sarah.. cute kan.. dan yg bestnye, JIMAAATT~!! ;)

  3. i pon suka.... agak2 klu letak telur boleh tak?

  4. Hi Noorul! hmm.. gud idea~!! i think bole je kalo nak letak telur pun... :)


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