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DIY - Crepe Paper Flowers

August 24, 2010Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello lovelies~!! 

I love DIY! But due to time constraint, I'm only able to DIY my hantaran and hand bouquet for my wedding. At least something than nothing rite..?? Alhamdulillah.. I am so thankful. I'm sure most of the diy bride-to-be would love an easy peasy DIY too. Here I would like to share on how to DIY the Crepe Paper Flowers that i found from The Bride's Cafe.

[ Image courtesy of The Bride's Cafe ]

It is perfect! A life-like crepe paper bouquet tutorial can be found here. Those flowers can be used as a hand bouquet, a boutonniere, deco in your hantaran or even as a wedding favor!

* Xora, 
  I think this tutorial is easy to follow. Maybe you can consider this for your diy boutonniere?

Happy DIY friends! Lurve u~!!

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8 lovely message(s)

  1. HUa!! nampak sudah macam yg real!

  2. Yerpp.. btul tu.. mmg nmpk mcm real one! kalo berkesempatan wat yer xora! i think, kos die pun murah je.. suke2.. :)

  3. nampak macam real giler la! kena cuba ni ;)

  4. cube la sarah! kalo jadi, jgn lupe wat entry kat blog yerr.. nak tgk hasilnye.. mesti cantek. chaiyok2! :)

  5. nyomel bride to be bila? tahun ni atau tahun depan =)

  6. nora.. i am a wifey. genap 6 months today. yeayy~!! (*mode suke) hehee.. tapi i love everything about wedding. i love beautiful thing. hehee.. mase my wedding aritu xsempat nak wat byk bende sbb kitorang bertunang less than 4 months. kelam kabut nak wat sume bende. pastu skang sebok nak research.. maybe bole gune utk bende lain. diy home deco mungkin..?? ;)

  7. o0o yeke. xpe nyomel leh share experience kan =) beshnya dah kawen hehe hadoi gatai tul nora ni =)

  8. heheee.. xpe nora, ur time will come. all the best for preparation! :)


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