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Wedding Movie Posters!!

July 10, 2010Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello friends~!! 

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Do you recognize the image above? Yes, it's a movie poster! Hmm.. some of you might think of why I put this movie poster right? Well, a friend did ask me why do we put a wedding banner on our wedding day? Actually, some of us print a banner as one of the signage to their wedding event. It does help your guests to find your wedding event. It's really worth it if our wedding was held at the hall where a few wedding were held at the same place (different halls). 

What will you do to your banner after your wedding day..?? Of course we will keep it! Until when..?? The material will be damaged after a few years. Then, say good bye to your wedding banner. So sad right..?? Hmm.. do we have other option..?? Yes, let's print a wedding poster! It's much more cheaper some more! Print out your poster and put it at your door entrance. Your guests will surely find your event! Please visit this site for more posters.

If you are too shy to put your face in your wedding poster, this poster is sweet enough!
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After the event? Frame it and hang it on your wall as a home decor. Awesome!! It's super cute and such a fun way to create a special way to remember your wedding day. It could also be a very personal first anniversary gift. 

Oh, I love the second one! Hmm.. I'm thinking of having a wedding poster as well~!! *wink!

Happy Planning friends! Lurve u~!!

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2 lovely message(s)

  1. i loike dis' poster idea..suke suke...!

  2. kann.. kann..??
    pastu bole frame and simpan buat hiasan kat rumah.. :D


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