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Hantaran Baskets on a Budget!

July 15, 2010Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello friends~!! 

Yes, I was one of the budget bride. My wedding day was in a very tight budget! So, everything must be cheap and simple. Huuu.. Then, here came the idea of having a basket made of newspapers for the deco in my hantaran. All was completely done by my mum. Thank you for such a beautiful and lovely hantaran baskets, mama!

Can you see the above images? Those were the handmade baskets by mama. She did a few type of baskets. And the sunflowers deco were DIY-ed by me and my best friend, AKIS. She taught me how to DIY those  flowers. She's creative right? Thank GOD that I have a creative mama and friend like her who's willing to help me preparing my wedding day while I'm having a budget constraint. Oh yaa.. you can see the pictures of my hantaran below:

Awesome right? Ohh.. I'm so in love with my hantaran deco. With the cost less than RM40, I got this kind of deco for 9 dulangs of hantaran. I loike~!! And after the wedding, I can use those things as home decor, some more~!! Wahhh.. double loike~!!

Can you spot the DIY sunflower..?? Heheee.. The tiny bicycle was one of our wedding present and the other flower was my hand bouquet at HIS side reception. Also DIY-ed by me and akis! Thanks once again AKIS! Lurve-u! mmmuah!

So friends.. Let's DIY your hantaran! Happy DIY~!! Lurve u~!!

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