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Hepi E-Day U..!!

June 10, 2010Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello friends~!! 

On last Tuesday i received an email from a friend, Izza Idayue. Her news was really surprised me when she informed that she'll be engaged on this coming Sunday. I was quite excited and immediately gave her a call. We have a chit-chat for a while and i just can't hide how happy i am for her.. :)

Actually, I've known her for years.. However, she never told me anything bout her love-life. She's really keeping her secret rite..?? Yeah.. maybe after graduated, we seldom keep in-touch because of our busy life but i do appreaciate our friendship and i lurve her so much!! To ayue, I hope that the ceremony will go smoothly and both of u will always lurve each other and dun forget to invite me on your Wee-Day! ;)

Hepi E-Day U~!! Lurve u~!!

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2 lovely message(s)

  1. hahahah.. i found this when read all ur post.. thanks dear.. thanks alot.. 2 month to go before my wedding day.. ur diy project was so awesome! i like it so much!!.. haha..

  2. babe! gud luck on your preps.
    2-month to go! chaiyokk~!! ;)


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