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Diary of the first 100 days..

June 06, 2010Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello friends~!! 

Today is our 100 days of marriage.  Yes.. nYomoT and I have been married for 100 days. How fast time flies rite..?? 

My dear nYomoT, 
We don't have any special celebration but I enjoyed the time we spent today. Yes, early in the morning at tires shop and rushing to Shah Alam for friend's wedding. Then we fetched mom for shopping and brought her home. She'll be accompanying us for a week. Thank you mak!

Million thanks for such a wonderful 100 days! I am grateful to have a good and understanding husband as you. We have been married for 100 days. I can't say what the next 100 days will look like, let alone the rest of our lives.

I extend my apology for my wrongdoings and things I shouldn't have said, for hurts I've caused, for misdeeds I've done, for things I took for granted, and things I should have realized and appreciate. Please forgive me..

I look forward to spend forever with you. I look forward to become a better wife with you, for you. Lurve u~!! 

*p/s : Friends, please bear with the lovey dovey sentences ye.. Kasik chan skett laa.. haha! *wink!

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