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April 20, 2010Bushra Tajuddin

Testing.. testing 123..

Oppss.. salam. ello friends~!!

So sorry.. I'm so hepi and excited! heheee.. Pheww~!! Finally, i manage to create a blog writing on my passion on creating and designing the handmade cards and monograms. Hmm.. my very-own blog is out! Yeay~!! Well, i lurve creating and designing handmade cards since high school. But.. I have left my passionate on doing this for quite some time. Until.. last January (2010) when i was crazily preparing for my wedding.. i do not have choice but to DIY the invitation cards for my solemnization due to some limitation yg xbole nak dielakkan. uhuk uhuk.. so sad kan..?? But it's OK.. i really had fun and learnt so many things.. one of them is.. 'MONOGRAMS'.. Ohh.. i started to love designing the monograms and i miss doing those things! So lepas ni nak stat balik buat handmade cards and monograms! Wish me all the best ya.. Lurve u~!!

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