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Handmade Card - Solemnization

April 27, 2010Bushra Tajuddin

Salam. ello friends~!!

Remember my previous entry on my wedding monogram? Yes, I used my wedding monogram in the invitation cards for my solemnization. And I was DIY-ing them! I'm so sorry to those who didn't get the card ya.. Because of time consuming, it was very limited to 15 friends only! Oh my.. I felt a bit upset because I did not manage to spread the cards to all my friends. The cards was given to my close friends only. Apology me. :(

OK. Back to the topic. Let's see the pics of my handmade invitation card for my solemnization ya.. Enjoy~!!

Can you see my monogram there..?? Hehee.. Lurve it~!! ;)

Ohh.. and here goes the wording for the invitation. 

A special thanks to those who were coming on my big day. You guys really make my day sooo beautiful~!! Toceh! Toceh! Lurve u~!!

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